Why is it not recommended to put your eggs in the fridge?

Contrary to what one might think, it is not essential to keep your eggs in the refrigerator! Explanations.

How to store your eggs?
After shopping, we tend to store our eggs directly in the fridge, to keep them properly, and especially to avoid the risk of salmonellosis. It is even compulsory to post “keep refrigerated after purchase” on egg cartons. But according to British researchers, there would be no difference or advantage in storing eggs in the fridge or at room temperature. Moreover, when we buy our eggs at the supermarket, they are not displayed in a fridge, but in the ambient air, in honeycomb boxes. The eggs are therefore happy at room temperature. One way to avoid repeated thermal shocks.

Beware of temperature differences
Keeping eggs cool can cause a change in taste, and when you want to incorporate it into a recipe, it may not mix properly.What to

Do to store your eggs properly
Remember that eggshells are not airtight. There is therefore no question of leaving your eggs next to onions or cheeses, which would risk altering its quality. Also, the temperature of the refrigerator should be kept cool while being constant. Do not hesitate to clean your fridge regularly to keep a healthy, odor-free environment. Preferably, leave the eggs in their original packaging rather than in the egg compartment, often located in the constantly moving door. It is also better to buy your eggs as and when you need them …




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